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Soft & Fuzzy

Elsie & Rita

I started sewing a few years back and one day made a zipper pouch. I kept sewing more and more bags because I enjoyed the process of designing the bag, creating the pattern and eventually cutting the fabric and sewing the bag. I ended up with a lot of bags that I could not possibly use all by myself and I had the need to make more and more. That’s when I started Else and Rita.

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  • Hometown Miami, Florida


Pichoniza dolls really have their own personality, which can make a strong connection with people in a big range of cultures and ages. Each element in the toy is vital in order to reach this connection, and really, they have opened their own way in this world.

I am working to do this my full time job. In 2015 I hired my first Pichoniza employee. Together, we do almost everything in this little independent mexican label, from choosing materials to final packaging and shipping.

Now, we really want to grow and expand our market. We believe that our toys have a great value because they are very well made. We focus on quality rather than quantity. Each item is consciously made, supervised and packed. We want to keep doing our dolls with love and joy, as it has been so far. We have been working in order to have the ability to respond to large scale wholesale customers, if this opportunity gets to us.

But all this is possible only with you, our customers, who help us to maintain this dream, because Pichoniza is the big dream of my life. So please, join us too in this incredible dream purchasing our very well made dolls. We really believe it is going to be a remarkable product on your shelves, and you will see with your own eyes how people just love them.

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  • Hometown Mexico

Hi Tree!

My name is Tina Rodas and I am the creator of Hi Tree. I make adorable textiles and handmade toys using sustainable materials. I do all design and production myself out of my magical mountain home in the city of Los Angeles. Hi Tree was created quite by accident in 2007 while I was a stay at home mom looking for a way use my creative abilities. During that time I would stay up late testing the limits of my sewing machine and experimenting with fabrics until I came up with the first of my tree designs, the Cypress Tree. When I’m not working I love to treasure hunt at the thrift store, work on fun projects with my daughter Hazel and spend time with those dearest to me. I am very happy to have managed to make a business doing what I love most, creating.

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  • Hometown Los Angeles, California

Fairy Shadow

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  • Hometown California